Adams & Adams WineLand Seminar 2016

Spier Wine Estate R310 Baden Powell Rd, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

This year’s Adams & Adams WineLand Seminar puts the spotlight on innovation and more specifically the creative mindsets and technologies that could rattle the cage and shape the future of the wine industry.   Industry experts will lead two panel discussions about rethinking wine production and marketing.   Director of the Institute for Futures Research at the University of Stellenbosch, […]


WineLand Adams&Adams Seminar 2018

Allée Bleue Intersection R 45 and R310, Groot Drakenstein, Western Cape, South Africa

Amidst one of the harshest droughts in 100 years affecting wine grape production, as well as ongoing profitability pressures, the South African wine industry now more than ever feels the urgency to adapt on all fronts. Not only to maintain a sustainable source of income, but to be able to nurture and grow its two […]


WineLand Adams & Adams Seminar 2019

Marlenique Estate R45 Simodium Road, South Africa

No person, business or industry operates in isolation. Being connected to the persons and things around us not only makes us human, but drives business success. At the WineLand Adams & Adams Seminar, we explore how we as a wine industry, individual or wine-related business can leverage the networks and connections in our midst to […]


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